Alderman Ed Bus and Mayor Daley Walk Into A Farewell Party…

Mayor Daley and Alderman Ed Bus… Yes. It sounds like the opening line of a terrible stand-up, but really, there is no other way to give you the setup for this video. Furniture tycoons, the Walter E. Smithe Brothers, brought together some of the most important, most influential and most popular people in Chicago for One Night Only event to say farewell to the man who made Chicago what it is today.

And they asked Schadenfreude to perform.

Doesn’t matter how that happened, what matters is that we took that honor, and ran with it. For the life of our sketch group, we have ALWAYS had loving adoration for our Mayor, what he is to the city, and how much material he has given us over the years. Like they say, “Mine it, it’s gold.” And we mined like Chinese-Americans brought over to California in the Gold Rush.

It only seemed right that we take this opportunity to not only memorialize Mayor Daley, but also make him laugh. And that’s just what Jason Challenger and Alderman Ed Bus did for 4 1/2 minutes.

If you would like to read Justin’s take on actually sitting up there and performing with the Mayor – click here. If you just want to watch the video – well, you’re in luck. It’s right here.

**Important Note: There’s a jump in the cut (I think there were tapes being changed, or something) but the bit is referring to Alderman Ed Bus telling Daley that we’re renaming Ada between Fulton & Lake Streets after him.**

Finally, special thanks to Bill O’Neill who went above and beyond the call of duty to put this together for us – Thanks Bill!