Thanks Jeff Bridges (in which I make a drawing for each of his films)

K-PAX, 2001 (dir. Iain “Killing Me” Softley)

SYNOPSIS: A Post-Pay It Forward Kevin Spacey stars as Prot, a newly minted mental patient who insists he’s from another planet. Prot makes the other mental patients feel good about being crazy (sample dialogue: “Be Yourself!”). In return, the other mental patients think it is probably very likely that Prot is from another planet. Jeff Bridges plays the psychiatrist who eventually solves Prot with Science and Feelings. Or does he? He does. Prot is just a man named Robert Porter who is grieving his dead, raped family. But then he goes into a coma because the alien part of him returns to his planet? The End.

This poorly uploaded clip from YouTube will give you an idea:


Other IMDb plot keywords include:
•    Dutch Angle
•    Lawn Sprinkler
•    Porcupine Joke
•    Murder
•    Sunglasses
•    Drifter
•    Dreamer
•    Delusional Disorder
•    Rape
•    Title Spoken By Character

FILM: 3/10

BRIDGES: 5/10 (well-lit, brooding-filled therapy/hypnosis sessions)

BOTTOM LINE: K-PAX =  [(Awakenings ÷ The Fisher King) + (Starman ÷ Good Will Hunting)]  – Robin Williams

I saw this at 600 N. Michigan (is that still a thing?) when it opened and remembered thinking: “Crazy people who are half-alien are the new wise old black men of American cinema”. The movie started to lose me near the end of the first act, when Spacey (with a side of Ham) becomes the smartest person in the world by basically rap-battling a bunch of astrophysicists. This drawing is of the movie poster. I’ve been trying to draw more frames from the actual movie but when I rewatched this on TNT (on Demand!) I noticed that the entire film is essentially over-complicated dolly/crane establishing shots and extreme close-ups… like the production blew all their money on equipment for the first week then just filmed each actor with a skeleton crew for whatever was left. Like many of my drawings of Bridges, his head is too fat. I also left off his right ear so his haircut looks asymmetrical. On the upside, I was able to capture Spacey’s smugness even though he is wearing sunglasses, grinning tightly and staring off somewhere past you.