Help a Buddy Out…

A good friend of Schad’s has been trying for the last few years to get his live show “Don’t Spit the Water” on to TV. He went to Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and even talked with some people over at the Price is Right.

Nothing panned out. But – the spirit of the guy who founded I Want To Draw A Cat For You keeps the project alive. He hooked up with the gang at WCIU-TV here in Chicago, and he has the official promise that if he can deliver a finished, air-ready pilot – it will be shown. ON TV. Not CAN-TV, but REAL TV. This is great. It’s a lofty goal, but he’s almost 50% of the way there with more than a month left. We can do it… If we all get together and help a buddy out.

Watch his video, click his link – get involved – it’s original, creative programming with some of Chicago’s funniest personalities!