Thanks Jeff Bridges (in which I make a drawing for each of his films)

Rancho Deluxe, 1975 (dir. Frank Perry)

SYNOPSIS: Bridges plays another guy named Jack (see also …. and). He teams up with Assistant Disctrict Attorney Jack McCoy (these are their stories) who plays a half Indian (70’s speak for Native American). Together they steal cattle and do lots of stuff that feels metaphorical about America (see also: The Bicycle Scene from Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid) A big landowner hires Harry Dean Stanton to find them but he just ends up meeting Bridges in an arcade and having a cryptic conversation about the New West while playing pong (PONG!) . Then the landowner hires Slim Pickens to find them. Along the way, they rustle both cattle and the hearts of the locals. Jimmy Buffet shows up and gives you one more reason to not bother seeing this.

FILM: 5/10


BOTTOM LINE: Thunderbolt & Lightfoot > Bad Company > Hearts of the West > Rancho Deluxe

This movie feels like it didn’t age well but I don’t know how it played in 1975 so I can’t be sure (just in case, I rated the film a 5 even though it feels like more of a 3). I asked my mom if she saw this in the theater and she retold me the story about how she called Dustin Hoffman collect in 1969 after seeing The Graduate with a high school friend and getting loaded on gin and tonics. Cool story. She tells this as a way to say that movies ran at a theater for a very long time back then and she doesn’t remember many movies playing locally in 1975 except for Jaws and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I watched it in 1998 after buying the VHS tape at Reckless Records. The drawing is of  the box art on the VHS tape case. My lettering is really good here. Sam Waterston and Bridges sort of look like Bert and Ernie if they wore hats and Bert had a gun.