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  1. avatar Ricky says:

    Regarding Hitler, you could think of him as an inept CEO.An inept CEO that the stoehkoldcrs cannot fire or command? Or perhaps the sort of CEO that owns his own company 51%+? How’d he get title to all that “stock”? Certainly he did not buy it with his own money.That is to say, the “CEO” analogy kind of falls down.

  2. Well, to tell the true, I guess I found the evil’s circle in my life. I come from a small town in Mexico, I was a farmer, and one they while I was finishing my work in the middle of the fields between my town and another town. I took a break, and I found a rock with a radios of at least 5 ft. the rock had was perfectly round and plane on top, as if was used as a table. Around the rock were rocks surrounding it. The odd thing is that after a few weeks I came back to the same spot, but I didn’t find anything.VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 0 votes)

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