Thanks Jeff Bridges (in which I make a drawing for each of his films)

Tron, 1982 (dir. Steve Lisberger)

SYNOPSIS: Jeff Bridges plays Tron? Nope. Let me stop you right there. Bridges plays Kevin. Kevin used to date Lora and now he’s mad at Encom CEO Ed for stealing his ideas. Meanwhile, Alan is Lora’s new boyfriend and also wrote a computer program called Tron (!) which can help Kevin get his ideas back. But before Kevin can use Alan’s program (Tron!), Ed traps Kevin in the Matrix (look it up) where he eventually frees the internet (Tron). Finally, Ed’s shenanigans are revealed and Kevin succeeds him as CEO of Encom in a move approved by shareholders.

Tagline: “Where love and escape do not compute.”

FILM: 6/10


BOTTOM LINE: (The Matrix + Disclosure) / The 80’s = Tron

The first time I saw Tron was at a birthday party. It was followed by cake and three hours of laser tag. Someone threw up cake in the “Photon Arena”. The last time I saw Tron was with Adam at the New Beverly. It was on a double bill with The Last Starfighter. I made this drawing with two new shading markers which don’t really match each other in hue but that seems to work in the drawing’s favor. I got the nose wrong so you can’t tell if he’s scared or sneering or surprised. I put the close-up of MCP on the side because it used to freak me out and I’m working through that in my art. I added all the diagonal lines so now it looks 3-D.