Thanks Jeff Bridges (in which I make a drawing for each of his films): Deluxe Triptych Poll Edition

Against All Odds, 1984 (dir. Taylor Hackford)

SYNOPSIS: Terry Brogan (Bridges playing another character not named Jack) is hired by his sleazy (James Woods) friend to find a woman (Rachel Ward, nude). Bridges finds Ward (see drawing). Uh-oh. Then Mexico, Mexico, sex, murder, double-cross. Co-starring former Detroit Lion, Alex Karras. The film is actually based on a great old film noir called Out of the Past starring Robert Mitchum but when I saw it late at night in the UK, the title was Build My Gallows High which is much, much better.

FILM: 7/10


BOTTOM LINE: Fisher King – 3:2, Against All Odds – 5:1, Seabiscuit – 10:1, The Contender – 30:1

This is one of the first movies I remember watching on HBO. It was on one day after Fraggle Rock (kudos to HBO for making their kid’s show a lead-in to this hard ‘R’ thriller-romance). I remember seeing cross-promotional ads for the movie and Rolex watches in an issue of Vanity Fair that was laying around our house when the movie first came out. So the drawings on the right and left are based on the rolex ads and the center drawing is from the movie poster but their bodies were too tangled below the shoulders so I stopped there and put them in the water, which gave the whole thing an awesome dutch angle. Could probably ditch the side drawings because this middle one is so good.

I have a few more drawings in reserve but would like to start a new batch. Where should I start? (no write-in votes for TRON.... because, what am I? Stupid? I'VE ALREADY DRAWN TRON)

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