Summer TV Worth Staying In For…

I love summer. I also love TV. But if I’m going to choose staying inside and watching TV over enjoying a beautiful summer night (nights that make suffering through Chicago winters worthwhile), you better believe it’s gotta be pretty damn good TV.


ABC Family: It’s not just for pregnant teens anymore! It’s now also for sassy overweight females! Huge is my favorite new summer show. It’s about Will (an angsty teen who loves her chub) and the fat camp she’s forced to attend. She’s surrounded by other kids who look just like her, but of course that doesn’t help because when everyone’s fat, the playing field is even — though she’s still the odd-girl-out for refusing to conform to the fat camp’s ideals. She quickly bonds with several other misfits and suddenly I’m back at Olin Sang Ruby Union Institute, reliving the dramas of teen overnight camp — the cat fights, the hook-ups, the Shabbat sing-a-longs! OK, that last part didn’t make the show, though there is at least one Jewish character, sporting a Star of David around his neck (in case you didn’t pick up on his Jew-fro and penchant for songwriting.) This show is hilarious, touching, and makes me long for the days where summer was spent outdoors ALL DAY and your biggest worry was what you were going to wear to stare at a campfire.

(Part 1 of a Series that will run as long as she writes for it, Julie lets us know, what’s good, what’s great and who delivers when it comes to Summertime TV.)