Meet Scal-Por, the evil enemy of the Comic-Con attendee.

Evil Scourge of the Comic-Con.

Scal-Por is the name given to the various toy dealers at Comic-Con who abuse the system to buy up all the cool toys, then sell them for more than 100% profit.

The Scal-Por clan makes their first appearance at Comic-Con’s Preview Night. On Preview Night, the organizers throw the doors open for 3 hours so fans can get a taste of what’s to come over the next 4 days.

In order to wait in the long ass lines for the various panels, attendees bum rush the various exhibitors to buy exclusive toys and books.

As you can imagine, this creates a logistical nightmare for the organizers. The exhibitors have their own systems to minimize lines. Sideshow Collectibles allows fans to buy their product before the con, so the wait in line is minimized. SquareEnix, makers of various Final Fantasy items, has an assembly line that’s so efficient, you’re in and out in 5 minutes.

Then, there’s Hasbro and Mattel. These are the two largest sellers of exclusive toys, so if you want Orko from He-Man or My Little Pony, be prepared to wait in line. Mattel and Hasbro shoo away exhibitors before the hall opens, so that everyone has a fair shot. Mattel has even banned exhibitors and professionals from purchasing items until noon Today

How does Scal-Por get all these toys? Simple. He buys one or more attendee badges. Then, he hovers near the booth. When the hall opens, Scal-Por quickly swaps badges and gets into line. Once in line, he buys the maximum allotment of figures allowed. At the Mattel booth, you can buy up to 6 of each of their 10 exclusives.

I don’t understand why Mattel allows people to buy 6 of each of the figures. Who needs 6 Orkos or 6 Lotso Huggin Bears? But, I digress

I found this particular Scal-Por struggling with these bag. As he walked along, fans mumbled “what an asshole” and “I can’t believe they let him do that.”

By Friday, when Mattel runs out of the popular toys, Scal-Por will put his toys on sale. That Plastic Man that Mattel was selling for $20? Scal-Por will hook you up for $75-$100.