Thanks Jeff Bridges (in which I make a drawing for each of his films)

Arlington Road, 1999 (dir. Mark Pellington)

SYNOPSIS: Bridges plays a dad (not named Jack) who is also a professor of terrorism and sadpants (the latter due to the loss of his hot wife in a dying accident) Tim Robbins plays the same guy who gave Gib and Alison a ride in The Sure Thing but now with children and a bad case of the terrorism. Bridges gets all paranoid when he finds out that Robbins has terrorism. Nobody believes Jeff Bridges! Even after they kill his new hot girlfriend! And just when we sense that all is lost for our hero [SPOILER ALERT] all is lost. Tim Robbins blows up Jeff Bridges with a car bomb.

FILM: 5/10


BOTTOM LINE: Tim Robbins : Arlington Road :: Tommy Lee Jones : Blown Away

I caught this on opening weekend at either Piper’s Alley or 600 N. Michigan and was pretty indifferent about it. I remembered how Hope Davis looked really pale and sickly so I wondered if everything was okay with her in real life. My lack of enthusiasm led me to try out a new pen brush on the drawing… and now I have a document of that lack of enthusiasm. I also have a good argument against using the pen brush again, especially on lettering. Tim Robbins is actually pushing Bridges up against a support beam in a parking garage but the straight-on angle makes Robbins look slightly plump and inflated like one of those shiny-metallic helium balloons so I stopped after the pen brush screwed up the hair line around his jerk face.