Fox News Makes Point With Typos, Mistakes

Fox News Chicago’s Anna Devlantes wrote this piece a couple weeks back, asserting that funding Chicago public libraries is a waste of taxpayer money. To make her point, she intentionally left out a hyphen from a conjunction in the first paragraph, uses bad grammar in the second, employs some impossible math in the fourth, utilizes a typo in the sixth and is totally arbitrary and inconsistent with her use of hyphens and em dashes throughout.

For example – check out the use of both an exclamation point AND a period illustrating her point. Not only is she excited about the 5000 visitors a day, but she also knows that she’s a professional reporter, and must end her sentences without emotion. I’m going to have to check MLA Guidelines, but, at first glance, it just seems right.

Brilliant, Devlantes! Very smart, indeed. If you could only now find a way to use horrible logic and leave out all facts, you would have totally driven home the… Wait a minute. Just re-read the piece. I’m wrong. You totally covered your bases.