Obama caused the Gulf Oil Spill, made Lebron leave Cleveland..

Hey folks, Fred the Tuckpointer here.  Sorry I’ve been away…the tuckpointing biz has been good lately, but Richie says to get in as much overtime before its slim pickings again.  Sounds like the government’s not gonna pay for any more work on the Terminal Tower, and that the job probably isn’t going to get done.   Normally I’d say cut taxes and reduce spending then things will pick up, but then I guess Uncle Sam wouldn’t have any money for tuckpointing.  Maybe if we cut all the entitlement programs… but if I am true to my Conservativeness the government shouldn’t pay for anything except Defense and protecting against the evil of illegal immigration.  So confusing…

Anywhoo, I didn’t mean to get sidetracked on that stuff.  In case you hadn’t noticed, ol’ Obama the Hun has been on a tear lately, doing everything in his power to destroy America and Freedom.  Now we all know that Barry was against offshore drilling…that somehow we could have wind farms and solar panels power this great nation.  Tell you what, Bamster…my F150 runs on black gold, nothing else.  So we need more, and the Prez knows that.  He started to cave some, but it was all a dog and pony show…he wasn’t about to abandon the wacko enviromental goons.  Then the rig in the gulf blew up, and now we’ve got this huge mess.  BP’s trying to plug the leak up, but Obama keeps getting in the way, trying to make it seem like its BP’s fault and that he’s going to fix everything.  You wanna know the truth?  I heard this on Rush’s show…Obama probably caused the explosion! So every time you see a dead sea turtle, or some dolphin choking on oil…it’s Obama’s fault that your kid is crying at the image.  Think about it.

Closer to home, Obama’s been causing some headaches here in Cleveland.  Remember LeBron James, who is supposed to win a NBA championship with the Cavs?  Well, he just took off for Miami and Cleveland’s going nuts with hate.  Besides trying to coax him to the Chicago Bulls, Obama also worked with his lackey Governor Strickland to keep the income taxes high in Ohio.  Ergo, LeBron high tailed it to Florida, where there’s no income tax.  Rush did the same thing. Thanks, “Mr. President”…you helped chase off a local sports hero.  But that’s ok…LeBron’s really a punk from Akron and besides, basketball’s for sissies.   A real man’s sport – Browns Football – starts up in a few weeks.  And believe me, we’ll be winning it all this year.  I know that because Obama is a Steelers’ fan.  Which makes him worse than Osama bin Laden.

Well, Sadie’s on me to take the dog out.   Till next time, Fred the Tuckpointer signing off.