Is Brent Sopel gay, or did he just lose a bet?

Not that there’s anything wrong with either of those answers, but you’ve got a team that is built on testosterone – and don’t lie to me, you saw Versteeg’s rap:


And you expect me to believe that THIS guy is going to show up on a float? Yeah, not buying it. AND, wasn’t Sopel just traded? So… do you think the rest of Hawks were a little scare of having a guy who supports gay rights in the clubhouse? I’m not technically accusing anyone of anything – I’m just flying some wild rumors out there to see what people think. We are, remember, NOT a news site. This whole thing just looks a little suspicious to me….

Here’s an alternate theory: While on the bus for 4 miles drinking champagne, they did a Jackass-style bit where they threw hockey pucks at each other’s crotches until one of them blinked, and THAT guy not only had to go to the Pride Parade with the Cup, but also had to get traded. AND, it was Byfgulien who blinked first, but he said, “Fuck that, Sopel, you’re doing it.” But he did agree to get traded for the blink.