Guess who’s getting along?

John and Molly are!

Long-time Schaden-friends, and one-time contributors John Knefel, and his sister, Molly are tearing up NYC and the inter-webs with their somewhat-regular web series about “getting along.” Now, all the time that we’ve known them (since they were weeee young ones at Macalester college) they’ve always gotten along, in fact, they’ve gotten along tooo well. And since we’ve known them for so long, we really should be invited to either of their weddings.

But we probably won’t go, and the gift we send will be more for the bit than the sentiment. That’s just how we roll.

Anyway, here’s their latest video. Enjoy it, and if you happen to run into these guys on the street, tell ’em Schad says hi.

They aren’t returning any of our calls.