Most ironic. Fire. Ever.

If anyone reading this has traveled through Ohio, then you’ve probably come across “Touchdown Jesus.” The nickname given to the Ohio highway eyesore landmark created by The Solid Rock Church in Monroe to show all Christians what Jesus was against, giant symbols to be prayed to. At least, knowing what I know of Jesus, that would have to have been their intent. In fact┬áThe Christ was so big that he had an exclamation point after his name in all the advertising brochures, making it a curseword. Well all Christians at the Solid Rock Church (formerly The Church Of Rock!) temporarily had to bury their immediate impulse to read symbolism into everything as a lighting bolt struck the giant symbol of excess in modern MegaChurch Christianity.

An Ancient Society would, hilariously, assume that the bolt came from Zeus to teach a lesson to the pagan masses, but of course, in modern society, we all now know that lighting bolts come from God. The Solid Rock Church will begin building the statues replacement – “Touchdown Golden Calf” next week.