An Inside Look: So Let’s Say You Get to Perfrom with a Grammy Winner. And You’re Doing Their Song…

This is old hat for most musicians out there, you hear a tune, you pluck away at the guitar/drums/triangle/keyboards until you have a close approximation, then you call your older bother in to the room and exclaim, “Yo! Look what I just figured out!” Only to start plucking/tapping/hitting/dinging a few notes before stuttering, “Wait. No. Wait.” And then running through it all over again.

You know what’s magic? Watching a bunch of musicians in the same room deconstructing a song by listening to it on repeat, making notes on paper then just saying, “Ah screw it. Let’s jam on it for a bit.” That’s what happens here. Thursday night, The Jordan Years is going to be jamming onstage with Rhymefest – performing his hit single “Celebration.” Complete with horns. We only get one shot at a rehearsal with Rhymefest, so we have to make it count. None of this, “Wait. No, wait.” Bullshit – it’s the real thing. That dude has WON A GRAMMY.

Schadenfreude + The Jordan Years present THE CITY THAT WORKS part of the TBS Just for Laughs Festival.
with Rhymefest, Eddie & Jobo, Tim Smithe (of Walter E. Smithe), Joe Bill and Brian Babylon
Thursday, June 17
Martyr’s Pub – 3855 N. Lincoln
Tickets at the door or here.

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