An Inside Look: Rehearsing with The Jordan Years

So, what EXACTLY does it take for a sketch comedy group and a band to get together and do a show? Two different styles of working, but all looking for the same thing: Making the Audience Feel GOOD!

Yesterday we spent our Sunday not at Wrigley Field watching the Cubs/Sox. NOT at Lit Fest watching people read. NOT at Blues Fest listening to groovy music. NOT at the Currency Exchange paying our gas bill. NOT at the lakeshore watching girls in bikinis playing volleyball. No, we spent it sitting in the home office of West Town Recording, rehearsing. Getting the timing right. Getting the jokes right. Getting the VIBE right.

Here’s the rehearsal for the Opening of the show, as you can see, we figure this shit out. AND, the lineup is gonna be awesome. One of the highlights for the show on Thursday? Jamming with Rhymefest on a tune from his new album. This is one show you can not miss. It’s only $10. All proceeds go into someone’s pocket.

Schadenfreude + The Jordan Years present THE CITY THAT WORKS part of the TBS Just for Laughs Festival.
with Rhymefest, Eddie & Jobo, Tim Smithe (of Walter E. Smithe), Joe Bill and Brian Babylon
Thursday, June 17
Martyr’s Pub – 3855 N. Lincoln
Tickets at the door or here.

Don’t waste your time with Ellen, she doesn’t know Chicago.