Rhymefest, I think the term is “dropped”

As in, “Your new album DROPPED today.” That’s right, Schaden-friend Rhymefest (who will be appearing live, on stage with The Jordan Years, Eddie & Jobo, Tim Smithe, Joe Bill and Brian Babylon on Thursday, June 17th) just released his latest masterpiece “El Che”

Now, I may be white, but I know a damn hit when I hear it – and if you get a chance, sneak a listen to “Chicago” on the album’s page here. You’re gonna have to get the whole album to hear my personal favorite – “Celebration” – guarantee it’s going to be the anthem of summer picnics, and white people everywhere are going to say, “I like this Mr. Fest.” Hell, it may even make it as a crossover hit, and be featured as the song of the year at the Gay Pride Parade – but that’s just me having a lot of respect for Rhymefest, and wishing him nothing but success.

So – congrats, Rhymefest, already downloaded and listened to the album – a solid performance. Now, don’t let this get to your head, don’t be late for our rehearsal on Monday. You and the band need to tear the roof off of Martyr’s.