Obama Hates Memorial Day

Hey folks, Fred the Tuckpointer making like Ronnie Reagan and  kicking liberal ass.  Part of me thought after my election to the Union Compliance Board that the conservative wheels of power would start grinding again.  My boss Richie said that we aren’t due for another full meeting till end of June, though.  That’s fine – gives me plenty of time to work on my manifesto and other stuff.  Besides, there’s a lot of stuff going on that’s making me cross my arms more than usual.

Ever since Dear Leader stole the election back in 2008, the Liberals have been prancing around like they own the place.  They even went on a flag burning spree that burned up to 25 flags on Memorial Day.  Conservapedia nailed it….why do the Liberals hate the symbol of our Freedom so much???

Then, I caught wind that Obama was ditching out on the time honored tradition that Presidents are never supposed to miss – laying a wreath in Arlington on Memorial Day.    Instead he decided to go play golf; that is, until Glenn Beck nailed him.  The Liberal Media tried to cover up for him, but Barry Hussein couldn’t hide from the watchful eyes of Conservatism.  So Obama made up some story up and found a cemetary downstate where he could go through the motions.  What a jerk.

But here’s the part that REALLY boils my patriotic blood…when he gets down there, it starts raining.  Since he never wanted to be there in the first place, ol’ Barry ditches! He makes up some excuse that “lightning is going to hit someone” or something, and tells everyone to go home.   That’s bullshit.  You wanna know how I know that?  When Obama was campaigning for President – when he really wanted the job – he never let any rain stop him.  Check out this pic:

See?  He’s not even holding an umbrella.  Let me tell you something, my friends…as a certified Tuckpointer  I work through rain, snow, strikes and sometimes on holidays.   That’s because I love my freedom and want to honor this great country.  This excuse of a President couldn’t be bothered to sit through a rain storm to pay his respects to a couple of our best in Illinois, and let that turkey Biden screw around at Arlington.  That’s like letting Art Modell babysit your kids while you’re at the lake.    Flags being desecrated, barbeques being rained out, and a Muslim President avoiding a sacred tradition – welcome to Obama’s Amerika.

I have to go – Sadie says I shouldn’t leave the flag out in the rain.  I don’t get the big deal – its made of nylon, so it’ll dry right out.  I’ve got lots more to say, so stay tuned.  Till then, Fred the Tuckpointer signing off.