Is Sade still relevant?

While searching for Ozzie’s “Let Me Hear You Scream” promo video where he hangs out in Madame Toussaud’s Wax Museum acting like a wax statue and then scares people (the concept sounds a lot better than the video itself, I would have posted, but I try not to waste your time) – I find an add for “Sade’s New Album” dropping… later.

So what’s the deal? Two things I learned:

  1. Sade is more than one person (4 in fact)
  2. Sade, and the 4 band members, is/are in fact not dead, not happily married or not lining up to be on Celebrity Rehab. (how much do you think they would pay the ‘bassist from Sade’ to appear on the show? Just wondering.)

So, who’s waiting in line… later… for when Sade’s new album drops? Sandy? I know you have their previous efforts, you gonna add this to your collection?