Big News! ‘City That Works’ at Just for Laughs Chicago! Special Guest: Rhymefest!

This weekend, we will play the Gallery Cabaret. The show will be an early one at 8pm, but it will still have that late-night rockin’ feeling. All new material, all new groove. If you haven’t seen Schad with the band, do it now.

But the reason for today’s post is to officially announce that Schad & The Jordan Years are taking the ‘City That Works’ tour to Martyrs for the Just For Laughs Chicago Festival. TBS is bringing back their festival for a weekend in June and we have started to put together a great show for you. I don’t know if we can top Ronnie Woo-Woo (see last year’s fest), but we might have.

We are proud to announce special guest and Grammy award-winning artist Rhymefest to the show! Rhymefest is dropping a new album in Chicago on his new label and we couldn’t be more excited to share the stage with a true-blue Chicago rap-artist.  You can buy tickets now on the Martyrs site. The show is Thursday, June 17th. Check back for more announcements on big, special guests!