Top 10 LOST Moments Ever (with Poll!)

This is my list of the top 10 Lost moments in the history of the show. Emphasis on the MY. These are the moments that made the most impact on my memory — some are “holy shit!” moments, some are plain old “*stunned silence*” moments, some are jump out of your seat with joy moments. And I know there are still 3 1/2 hours left to air and I’m leaving the final chapters out. But I just got kinda weepy reading some Lost stuff on, so I don’t want to wait any longer. Gimme a break, I’m a nostalgic gal and I get way too invested in this shit. Humor me!

10. Ben lets Alex die

He could have surrendered and saved her life. But our selfish friend Ben (remember when we used to call him “Henry Gale”?) called Keamy’s bluff and it didn’t pay off. The look on Ben’s face when he realizes he just caused his daughter ‘s death is just so awful. And poor Alex’s body, just lying limp like that on the ground. I was shell-shocked. Later on we find out the risk Ben took to ensure baby Alex’s survival, which makes this scene even more heart-wrenching in retrospect.

9. The map in the hatch

This was the moment that first opened my eyes to just how grand, how epic the mythology of the show was going to be from here on out. Those fleeting 5 seconds that we see the blacklit Dharma station map were OFF THE HOOK! “WTF is that question mark????” This was before DVR and Hulu, so I actually had to search fan sites to find the image. FAN SITES! Wow…so 2006.

8. The starting of the Dharma van

One of the first (and only) moments in Lost where something super awesome and fun happens. Watching Charlie, Hurley, Jin and Sawyer ride around and around in that van, you’d think they were four 10-year-olds on the Tilt-A-Whirl at Great America. A moment of pure triumph and joy, with “Shambala” playing in the background — our heroes finally got to forget their troubles and just have fun.

7. Juliet falls

After all that Juliet and Sawyer went through — several failed relationships, initially hating each other, then falling in love over the 3 years in Dharmaville — we were all rooting for them to be the couple that made it to the end and lived happily ever after. But this is LOST, so of course they had to pull her down a well by magnets and chains. Thanks a lot, LOST! That final scene where Sawyer is holding her by the wrist as she dangles to her death, and he says, “I’m not gonna let you go!” OMG. *heart melts into a pool of tears!*

6. Ben in J. Crew and the first glimpse of “New Otherton”

Another WTF moment: The first time we see where The Others live! And we learn they live surprisingly well for a bunch of dirty, bearded ragamuffins! In fact, they dress in khakis and well-pressed cotton shirts, live in cute little suburban homes with white picket fences, and they bake muffins for their book clubs! In this moment we learned that there was so much more to The Others than we ever could have imagined.

5. Sun & Jin, together forever

It was particularly harsh to see Sun and Jin die after a whole season apart, and after just being reunited in the previous episode. But the way that they died was particularly tragic and beautiful. We’ve been with this couple through so much change (remember when Jin was a total asshole and almost killed Michael over that watch?) — we watched them grow together, conceive a child, search for each other for literally YEARS. And when they finally found each other, Jin vowed to never be apart again. And Jin kept his promise. WAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

4. Locke in the coffin

For an ENTIRE YEAR we speculated, “Who’s in the coffin? Those bastards cut away from the finale without showing us who’s in the coffin! For the love of Christ, just TELL US WHO’S IN THE DAMN COFFIN!!!” Everyone had their own opinion on who was in the coffin — Ben? Michael? Vincent???  The producers shot 3 or 4 different variations of the coffin scene with different characters in the coffin, just to throw off the spoiler-people. And when we found out it was Locke, *COLLECTIVE GASP*!!! WTF??? If Locke is dead, how is Jack going to get everyone back to the island to fulfill their destiny??? Ben said, “We have to take him too.” WHAAAA??? Loved it. Classic Lost.

3. Penny picks up Desmond’s call from the freighter

Another OMFG moment. He told her to answer the phone in the future on this very date! And he got Sayid (is there anything he can’t do? Oh yeah, throw a bomb and slam the sub door. Damn it, Sayid!) to fix that phone on the freighter so he could make the international call, without a calling card! And after about 30 rings, she answered! And then his brain didn’t explode! YAAAAYY!!! *sniff, sniff* This is one of the top romantic TV moments of all time. *sigh*

2. The light in the hatch

The light. That brilliant, beautiful light shining from The Hatch. After all of the struggle Locke went through to figure out why the hell he was brought to the island, WTF that metal shit was in the ground, and what does it all mean….FLICK! A light. A sign. He’s supposed to be there. He IS there for a reason. It’s the first “light” in a long series of lights throughout the entire show that have real significance.

1. “Not Penny’s Boat”

It’s a phrase that will bring an audible reaction from every true Lost fan: “Not Penny’s Boat”, the haunting and cryptic message written on Charlie’s hand as he gave up his life to save them all. Many fans complain that they didn’t understand why Charlie didn’t try to swim out of the hole that Mikhail blew up. It’s simple: Charlie knew that he was doomed and it was just a matter of time. This way, he got to end his life on his own terms; saving Desmond in the process so he can save everyone else, especially Claire and Aaron. And the final bit of heroism, to warn Desmond that the boat they thought would save them all was not what it seemed to be, was another major turning point in the epic story. Just a few notes of that chilling “Life and Death” theme by the brilliant Michael Giacchino sends chills up my spine and tears to my eyes. I still miss ya, Charlie.

Whew! That was hard. I wanted to be clever and just do my top 8 (Get it?? Like The Numbers?? Did we ever really figure out what the numbers meant? My brain hurts.) but I just had too many to do only 8, and not enough hours in the day for my Top 42. So pipe in, Lost fans! What are your top Lost moments? And am I right? Which should be the “Top Moment From LOST”? Vote on the poll below!!

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