I think this is what I’m going to miss most about LOST

So last week they jumped the shark. I challenge any of you to tell me any differently. Between “explaining” what the island is (midichlorians anyone?) and trying to explain everything we’re seeing by posing even bigger questions (oh great, now who was the WOMAN who raised them? and how did she get there??!) and finally, why did it take 3000 years (give or take 1000) to finally decide it was time for a new candidate (there weren’t any good choices until Party of 5 was looking for work)?

Well, there are only 3.5 hours left, and soon, these videos of LOST credits to different 80s sitcoms will have no bearing whatsoever on the pop culture pulse of America….

So, enjoy it while you got it. Because after this, we are left with “V”. And if you aren’t watching it, catch up on “Fringe” over on Hulu. It’s another JJ Abrams joint, and it starts slow in Season 1, but Season 2 is fan-freaking-tastic. One of the best dramas on television, no shit.