My childhood is our future: Wampa Rug Edition (Slave Leia not included)

I’m not gonna lie, and I would expect those of you geeks out there to also fess up – every single one of us fantasized about getting Slave Leia (complete with chain around the neck) alone on a Wampa Rug. Ok, maybe not the Wampa Rug part, but at least the Slave Leia part. Now, because of the great guys over at ThinkGeek – who brought you the TaunTaun Sleeping Bag – at least 50% of your(my) dream can come true. The hard part is not the Wampa Rug, it’s convincing your significant other to wear a chain around her neck… If anyone has any casual, polite ways to introduce that topic into conversation over dinner, I’m all ears.

$100 from ThinkGeek