Review for Sex and the City 2: Women in Heat

Sex and the City 2: Old Sex in Dubai: So, from what I gather in the trailers, the 4 Horsewomen of the Apocalypse are heading to the desert, riding camels, and being all sad they picked the wrong soul mate. You know, the whole thing that drove the first movie? They came back and decided to throw it all back in your face. Besides that, nothing says Hollywood like making the conservative (lightly speaking) Middle East look like a fun place to go for holiday. No, it’s cool, let’s juxtapose the women who represent “female power” and throw them into a society that contradicts that! Yay! Let’s hate the Middle East through the narrow slits of eyeholes these old bags, instead of just hating them like we always do! Yay America!

Also, from what I can see, Sarah Jessica Parker wears a tuxedo, because she is going to a gay wedding (the plot for part 3? the gays adopt!) and what better way to celebrate then everyone wearing a tux….

And I think one of them has kids that she leaves behind in the US while she gets an all expense-paid trip to the gorgeous oil lands. I will like it ONLY if they win it because the dumb one (take your pick) wins it on Jeopardy or the Price is Right.


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