New LOST Tonight!!

So yes. Last week we saw a few characters head into the great beyond. At least one version of them. And although it was sad to see Sun die, it was more frustrating to watch the writers throw up their hands and say, “We have no fucking clue what to do with Sayid either!” And have him grab a bomb and run to the other side of the sub in a last ditch effort of redemption.

And, it has finally, without a doubt, been revealed that Smokey is the bad guy. I remember everyone saying, “Ohhhh I think Jacob is evil, and he’s the bad guy, and the other guy, Mr. Black, Smokey, whatever is REALLY the good guy…” You know who you are. Feel kinda silly now, don’t you?

Well, as the stakes continue to rise, and we see Jack become the savior of the world, and Aaron and Ji Yeon become the “Adam and Eve” bones we saw in Season 1, I give you this fun little video:

Personally – I just like this one because it includes the secondary/dead characters. Anyone who makes a credit reference to Charlotte wins.