Inda, co-starring in an all-white production of the Wiz

So, I’m gonna start writing about Glee for and thank goodness, because a lot has happened and I’ve got something to say about it. Nothing about the Madonna episode, actually. And I’ll get to this past episode later. And, oh shoot, today is Thursday. I gotta catch up. But I will start with last week’s Home episode.

Everything in the episode was about feeling at home, being home, staying home, finding a new home, consolidating two households into one home and, of course, being fat. What?! That’s what I said. I get that Fatty, I mean Mercedes, has to have a solo every now and then. But why shove her “I Am Beautiful (Even Though My Arteries are Fucked)” number – yes, that’s the full title of the song —  into an otherwise perfectly themed show?

That’s like forcing a handful of Doritoes into the center of a creamy chocolate éclair. It’s already full. It doesn’t need anything else to make it great. The donutty goodness of last week’s Glee did not need the extra crunchy message that chubby chicks are human, too. It was just too much. And, fyi, I don’t hate fat people. Maybe a little. But that’s irrelevant. What gets my goat is the fact that Mercedes has no storyline. She is “the fat Black chick who can sang.” Yes, I used the modal helping verb/ebonics combo…. stick with me, White people. That was probably even listed in the breakdown when they auditioned for the part. This is not enough to base a well-rounded character on. Give the girl some family members, a dead parent, a past, a pet, something. Anything other than just a great set of pipes stuffed inside a pudgy shell. Otherwise, we’ll end up watching her interject otherwise cohesive plots with another out-of-the-blue Xtina/church choir number. She did a great job. “I Am Beautiful” is beautiful. But that particular piece didn’t fit into the puzzle of Home. It didn’t fit in with the amazing duet of Schu and April (my hero, Kristin Chenoweth) singing a Burt Bacharach mashup or that little gay boy singing Bacharach’s “A House is Not a Home.”

Oh, and while we’re on the topic… Finn, stop interrupting that little gay boy when he’s singing! Don’t do it again! Ever!