Fred Willard is probably your dad

I can’t flip the channel these days without seeing Fred Willard playing someone’s dad. I swear to God, in the past week I have seen him play no less than three dads of relatively famous TV characters: Amy’s dad in “Everybody Loves Raymond”, Phil’s dad in “Modern Family”, and… OK, so just two this week. But seriously, doesn’t it feel like he’s EVERYONE’S TV DAD? And I’m not just talking about anybody’s dad. He plays the dad of major characters that are central to the story. In syndication! Now that is job security.

Who’s your favorite recurring TV dad? Jerry Stiller is up there for me (Seinfeld, King of Queens). Or even better, who’s the TV dad you WISH would make a huge comeback? I gotta go with Bill Cosby on that one. I have a major heart-on for Cliff Huxtable.

(p.s. if you watched Modern Family this week for the first time thanks to my previous post, please give it one more week. I swear, it’s usually way funnier.)