Do we still like Harry Connick, Jr.?

The reason I ask this is because this morning, I was sitting at “Macaroni Grill” at O’Hare Airport, enjoying a nicely over-priced veggie fritatta (that’s Italian for “expensive omelette with fewer eggs”), and over the speakers came, “It Had To Be You.” And all of a sudden, I’m transported back to watching, “When Harry Met Sally,” and thinking, “Billy Crystal was a romantic lead?!” and then I thought, “What happened to Meg Ryan after that silly boxing movie where she was the ‘tough as nails’ promoter? Did she ever do Playboy? I might have to Google that…” It was then the breakfast was served, and the chorus of Harry yelling into the microphone, letting me, and the other wayward travelers that he had “looked around, and finally found…” something. I forget what, because I’m still a little astonished I’m going to pay as much as I am for what was placed in front of me.

And all I could think was, “Do we still like Harry? He did great work (at least, the press told me it was great work) in New Orleans, but, has he peaked?”

So I ask you – do we still like him? Or are we just kinda indifferent? Has he cheated on anyone ever? I don’t really know his history, other than he tried acting in that one movie with Sigourney Weaver where she was some sort of criminal psychologist and he was a serial killer… I think? If he cheated on someone – then it would definitely mean we DON’T like him….

Just wondering.

Do we still like Harry Connick, Jr.?

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