Ack! Pop-Culture Moral Dilemma!

So, here’s the deal, I’ve got a flight and some traveling ahead of me, and I’m up against trying to decide the best way to spend about 2.5 hours of my time. (+/- 45 minutes)

On the one hand, I’ve been dying for the excuse to start, and get a good chunk through “The Girl Who Played with Fire.” The first book, after the first 100 pages or so, was fantastic. Enjoyable on all levels, and can’t wait to see what Hollywood does to destroy the book. (Yes, I know there’s a Swedish/Dutch/Finnish/Scandinavian version of the movie, but I’m lazy, and don’t like to read my movies)

However, last night, Sandy handed me the “Avatar” DVD. I spent some time, and “found” a way to get it on my iPhone, and interested in watching this movie again, to see for myself if this movie holds up outside of IMAX and 3D. I’m tired of people telling me things about this – there are some genuinely cool moments in the movie, and I’m SURE there’s something to this since the Blu-Ray/DVD has gorssed as much as the movie did in theatres. (Seriously, it’s like James Cameron’s gift to the industry was not a new way of shooting 3D, but instead, giving them a money-printing machine. That happens to be blue.) Big plus here: Zoe Seldana. She’s hot. Even blue.

  • Avatar pro – it’s only a 2.45 commitment – then I can get on with my life.
  • Girl with Fire pro – the entertainment value is gonna last longer.
  • Avatar pro – I didn’t have to buy it.
  • Girl with Fire pro – I’ll sound more intelligent should a discussion of this book ever come up.
  • Avatar pro – Zoe Seldana.
  • Girl with Fire pro – I KNOW I’m going to enjoy it.

So – is it hot blue Zoe Seldana or hot pale Lisbeth Salander that I spend my time with?