Why you should be watching Modern Family

I love Modern Family. I’m serious guys, you have to watch this show. It rules.

The concept is simple: Everyone’s family is insane. What used to be “non-traditional” is now the norm, and vice versa. The set-up: Take a camera crew a la The Office/Parks & Recreation and have them follow three families who are all related. Ed O’Neill is the dad, Julie Bowen is the daughter, and that red-headed guy is the gay son. And they each have their own crazy families. Ok, that makes it sound dumb, but really you guys, it is seriously the best new comedy in YEARS. Here’s why:

  1. Chubby little hispanic kid who talks like he’s 60. Manny is one of those characters that just sneaks into your jaded, crusty heart and makes you want to love again. This kid is “old soul” epitomized, and his penchant for quoting Say Anything and writing poorly rhymed poetry had me at “hola.”
  2. Al Bundy is in it. God, I miss Married…With Children. Ed O’Neill is brilliant in the role of Jay, the remarried patriarch trying to do right by his new stepson. But this time he’s got a hot Colombian trophy wife almost half his age and plenty of money to throw around on sporty tracksuits and dog-waiter statues.
  3. Asian baby + Gay parents = Comedy Gold. Cameron and Mitchell are that fabulous gay couple that you love brunching with at Yoshi’s, but who make you feel kind of uncomfortable when they argue in public. Only now it’s OK to laugh at them because they’re on TV. Did I mention they have an Asian baby? Hilarious!

Anyone else have an unhealthy obsession for Modern Family? If you want to try it out and can’t find the pilot episode (WTF,H?: Why the face, Hulu?) you can really jump into any episode and figure it out. Let me know your favorite quotes!