Iron Man 2: Post Credits Scene HERE!

The internet has been abuzz with news of the post-credits scene being shown after Iron Man 2. Apparently, it was supposed to be super-secret, and no one was going to see it, and they weren’t going to include it with original screeners, it was only going to be added to prints right before shipping the theaters, yadda yadda yadda.

Turns out – with the help of Google, creative indexing and an intern, I was able to locate the video, and present it to you here. This is the scene that expands the Marvel Movie Universe. In the grand tradition of Sam Jackson talking to Stark about the “Avengers” at the end of Iron Man – and Stark discussing “options” with a drunk general at then end of “Hulk” – we see again where the movies begin to tie together in a bigger universe. No spoilers if you don’t watch the video… But I must say, it’s pretty cool, and definitely shows their commitment to continuing the universe…

Again – this is the scene AFTER the credits…

[flv width=”478″ height=”359″][/flv]

Here’s what he says:

“Sir, we’ve found it.”

And what did he find?

Fuckin' Thor's HAMMER!