Makeup Artist For Your Baby – Now Available!

Date: Nine Months
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Are you looking for a professional, highly experienced make-up artist for your baby?  With your genes plus my talent we’ll make friends and family say “Ahhh” and not “Ewww” when they receive the birth announcement for your new bundle of joy.

Let’s face it, having a beautiful birth announcement photo is important, all your sorority sisters are going to see it. The hospital staff will take your newborn’s picture on the day she’s born no matter what she looks like, so be prepared. This is your baby’s introduction to the world! Sure, you may be a good looking person, but that doesn’t mean your baby will be, at least not for a couple of months. Don’t be embarrassed by your alien-looking child.  Let me make your baby, how do I put this delicately, less ugly.

I offer Airbrush and Traditional make-up right at the hospital location for the moment she enters your life.* I have over ten years of professional experience and am looking to expand into this new marketplace.  I use safe products that won’t make your baby’s delicate skin break out. I am proficient in corrective coloring in case of jaundice. I also offer the “Angelina Jolie package”, to give the little one an adorable pout in case she isn’t born with her own. Plus, I’m an expert in shadowing and contouring of cone shaped heads for those born to moms with small birth canals. And as always discretion is my top priority.

I offer competitive prices, in fact you may actually make money in one of those cute baby contests! Book me today. Available one week before and after your due date… just in case.

* Not responsible for cleaning after-birth