Failed Ironic T-Shirts

  • I’m With An Abusive Partner (arrow pointing to person beside you)
  • Save the Drama for Yo Yo Ma.
  • I’m Hotter Than Megan Turner.  Wait, Do You Know Megan?  No?  Well, She’s Real Hot, So Do The Math.  Hot, Hot Math.
  • Bitch On Wheels (person wearing should be in wheelchair)
  • The Reference on this Shirt is Too Outdated for the Current Generation.
  • Daddy’s Little Girl Has Daddy Issues and Can’t Maintain a Healthy Relationship with Someone Who is Not Daddy.
  • iAm Jealous of Your Phone.
  • My Adopted Child From Uganda Will Make Your Honor Student Feel Guilty About Their Life.
  • Underneath This Shirt is an Ironic Chest.

** Note – we will be selling these, and tickets to Hong Kong Blood Opera on the site later.