Shameless Plug.

Isabella Davies

So, my boss had a baby. Her name is Isabella, and she’s beautiful, healthy, good, sleeps when she should, all the good and wonderful things a happy baby should/does do.

I’ve even met her on a couple of occasions, and once, even smiled at me – so that’s all good. I couldn’t be happier for the new family, and wish them nothing but the best in all they do for the rest of their lives!

I’m hoping by this point, the snippet that shows up on Facebook and Google has expired, and I get to the real reason I’m posting this. I’m gonna need some SERIOUS time off this summer, and if I can get in good with improving the boss’ baby profile on the Parents magazine site, then that’s what I’m going to do.

So, here’s what I need from you: VOTE. Click this link and VOTE to improve this baby. DON’T go voting anyone else when you get there, that would defeat your vote. And I need votes for “Kinda Coy(that’s the caption on the pic – kinda feels like the name of a racehorse in the Kentucky Derby, but hey, I didn’t write it)

And how often do you need to vote? Every day. I may just copy/paste this post, and not add anything new so it shows up EVERY DAY (you can vote once a day) until she breaks 250. I figure if I can achieve a 375% increase in rating on the Parents website, then I deserve at LEAST another 4 days of vacation.

So, retweet, Digg, Google Buzz this shit – I need to get some TIME.

We now bring you back to your normal, everyday snark.