Mascots on a Mission Video #1: The overview

This past year, Schad has been busy working with several not-for-profit groups to make funny video campaigns. One of which was our good pals at Donate Life Illinois. April 2010 is Donate life month and they are trying to get the word out about why you should get off your ass and become an organ donor.

In working with this crew, we realized that most of the states involved in this organ donation registry have invested money and marketing resources in mascots.  Yep, they all have fluffy, plushy, child-like mascot costumes to get you to sign your liver away. So there ya have it.  So our videos focused on the mascots. If they are going to get people to sign up, these loveable losers need to bring their ‘A’ game. So we had to put them through basic training…

We bring you Mascots on a Mission (the overview). Tomorrow, we show you some video from the training.