All Work and No Playboy

Hugh Hefner has vehemently denied any rumors that Mother-of-the-Year Kate Gosselin will be posing for Playboy anytime soon.

The best part about this is that Hefner  is the one saying, “No.  Oh no.  Oh God no.”  This isn’t Kate protecting her kids.  This is old man Hef putting his old man foot down.

But Kate has worked so hard on this long con on America.  She married Jon, destroyed her body creating an army of 8 beautiful caucasian-asian babies, sacrificed her privacy for her art, put herself in the public eye where she had no place being in the first place, renovated her body with additional hair pieces, and now continues to put herself in situations where her natural bitch will come out and ruin any chance of people starting to like her.  It takes a lot of dedication and commitment to stick to a plan like this, in order convince America that she is a celebrity deserving of reality-shows-centered-around-celebrities-accomplishing-tasks and posing for Playboy.

Hefner is correct.  Kate Gosselin is not a celebrity.  She’s a hustler.  But so is Heffner; he has convinced us that he’s still alive and breathing for years.