Press Round-Up!

It’s been a banner day for press here today! Check out the coverage for our show Saturday Night!

It’s pretty cool when we can put a post like this together. It’s been a banner day in the Schadenfreude House – we’ve received a ton of press for “City That Works” on Saturday Night – here’s the recap:

Chicago Tribune – Chris Jones calls out that Brian d’Arcy James is going to be in the show, and thinks the only reason he’s doing the show is because he happens to be Kate’s brother. Well, he’s right, you don’t see Brian doing Second City, do ya?

TimeOut: Chicago – Nice big pic online AND in the print version. Can’t say there’s too much more about it, other than the forward promote to come back here to see audio/video/pics from the show! (If you show up, chances are YOU will be in some of that audio/video/pics as well! Be famous!)

DailyCandy – Seriously – DailyCandy has always treated us well, and we appreciate the best comment about the show so far, “Like Jimmy Fallon and The Roots – but good.” We’re gonna make t-shirts of that when we take this show National.

BroadwayWorld – This is the GET. We’ve been trying to break into for years, but could never quite break in. Looks like all it ever took was getting someone who has been 2x Nominated for a Tony to step in and do some bits with your show, and BOOM! you get listed.

What: City That Works
Where: Gallery Cabaret (2020 N. Oakley)
When: April 10th, 9pm.
How much: 10 bucks.
What’s free: Food.
What’s cheap: Booze.
Who: Schadenfreude and The Jordan Years and YOU.