Schadenfreude History, Revisited

Conservatives on the Texas School Board successfully modified the state’s social studies curriculum to reflect what they believed was a more accurate account of the republicans role in recent American history.

I like this idea. In fact, there are some little known bits in Schadenfreude’s history, that I think our readers would enjoy. So please, allow me…

1996 – Future Schadenfreude members Sandy Marshall & Brad Dunn spend spring break hanging out. Sandy nearly kills himself eating 32 filet o’ fish sandwiches in one week. Brad watches Pink Floyd videos.

1998 – Schadenfreude co-founder Brad Dunn decides “this group is going nowhere.” He leaves Schad to go into Rock & Roll. After an uneventful tour with U2, decides he’d rather move to Chicago to work in local theatre. “That’s where it’s at,” said Dunn

2000 – Schadenfreude nominated for Golden Globe, but refuses to attend ceremony after The Hollywood Foreign Press refuses to allow Justin Kaufmann to rip a real live attendee’s bloody heart out of their chest.

2001 – After 9/11, Dunn rejoins Schadenfreude in an effort to stabilize relations between the Israelis and Palestinians.

June 18, 2002 – Adam Witt makes a porn.

2004 – Dunn leaves Schadenfreude again, citing creative differences. He and Marshall talk about it over filet o’ fish sandwiches. Brad has only one.

2007 – Liam Dunn is born. This has NOTHING to do with Kate James.

As I study the Schadenfreude archives, I’ll continue to make notes on what I find. If I find anything else really important, I’ll post it here. It’s important for the truth to be known.