Do you have an Arch-Enemy?

I don’t and I kind of want one… Someone who’s only purpose is to mess with my life. I feel like it will keep me vigilant. This morning, I made it to the airport, through security and to the gate in 27 minutes. Seriously. I even took 290 – and you know what a hell-hole that is now that they started repaving 27 miles of it. Really? You really decide that you want to repave 27 miles of 290… At once? It took you 2 1/2 years to finish Wacker Drive – and that was only 2 miles. See, an arch-enemy would have closed the ONE LANE that’s open, and forced me to think of another way to get to the airport. An arch-enemy would have reset my alarm to go off at 4 PM instead of 4 AM. An arch-enemy would have maneuvered me into a lane with someone who is smuggling explosives/cocaine/prostitutes in his/her carry-on – thus delaying me.

An arch-enemy would have made sure that every seat with power was taken up once I arrived at the gate, thus preventing me from even writing this piece.

Either an arch-enemy or a cup of coffee. It’s hard to find good coffee, impossible to find a cup of good coffee.
At an airport.
At 5AM.

A-HA! The work of my arch-enemy.

FULL DISCLOSURE: This post was written because I got the airport too damn early. And no one is on Twitter this early.

Also – it’s kind of fun to watch my flight crew introduce themselves to each other. They’re all excited to be working with each other, as they have all heard great things from other people. This is gonna be a GREAT flight….