Are you ready for some baseball?!

Hm. Doesn’t quite sound right when you put baseball in there instead of football. Doesn’t matter. Spring Training is wrapping up. Fantasy teams have been drafted. Lineups (both Fantasy and Real Life) are being set – that first 35-degree opening day at Wrigley is just 2 weeks away!

And what better way to celebrate than with a dramatic reading from Jose Canseco’s tell-all book, as performed by Adam Witt:

What: City That Works
Where: Gallery Cabaret (2020 N. Oakley)
When: April 10th, 9pm.
How much: 10 bucks.
What’s free: Food.
What’s cheap: Booze.
Who: Schadenfreude, City That Works, The Jordan Years, Jose Canseco’s Dealer