Breaking: Schad back on stage April 10th!

Break yourself, fools! Schadenfreude is coming to a small town near you. Well, Chicago. That’s right, we are BACK on stage this spring with a brand new show with brand new material. Not only do we have a kick-ass show, but we now have a kick-ass band! We are teaming up with the hot new band “The Jordan Years” to bring you a show that is called “City That Works.” Will it have nudity? Yes. Will it have swears? Yes. Will it have government-controlled health care? Yes. Will it have wings? Yes, free wings.

Here is an awesome video of The Jordan Years playing recently at the Dre Day event at Darkroom. It’s a cover of Still Dre. And we are still Schad.

Now image if you add Todd Voorhies or Alderman Ed Bus to this? Holy shit.

What: City That Works
Where: Gallery Cabaret (2020 N. Oakley)
When: April 10th, 9pm.
How much: 10 bucks.
What’s free: Food.
What’s cheap: Booze.
Who: Schadenfreude, City That Works, Special Guests