What if…

Lost were a sitcom? I know you came here asking that, and fortunately, I have an answer for you. Namely, what if Lost were a sitcom from the early 90s and they used the Full House font and theme?
Again, my heartfelt congratulations to anyone and everyone attempting these mash-ups. I love seeing what clips from episodes people pull.

Tonight’s episode, according to all the promos, will have “All the answers we’ve been looking for…” Whatever that means. All I know it has to do with Guyliner himself, Richard Alpert. Let’s hope that it’s more than what we’ve already been able to put together: He work(ed)s for Jacob; he’s been around since the Black Rock crashed; he made some sort of “impossible deal” a la Dogen to stay young; he’s gay.

Ok, that last one, Adam told me about. Of course, I don’t see any contradicting material…. So….. You make up your own mind.

Any bets – the over/under on Jack in this episode is 3 minutes 42 seconds – who’s taking action?