Transformers 3 Shooting Here (Chicago) Next Month!

For JK's sake, I hope Rodimus Prime is in this one.

Have I mentioned this yet? I’m not even kidding – Optimus Prime and Bumblebee will be here next month shooting for the next Transformers movie. I was a little worried after #2 that they would have just decided to end the franchise, considering what a pile of waste that was…

However, not only did Bay decide to film here in Chicago, he also was able to sign Frances McDormand, John Malkovich and Ken Jeong. Well lookee here, looks like we gots ourselves a movie.

The real question is, will the new stars be playing real people, or, having learned that Bay can only direct CGI characters with any depth, will they be playing robots? Honestly, I have no idea where this movie is going? Is Jeong going to jump out of Bumblebee’s trunk, swinging a tire iron? Is Malkovich going to kill Megatron by slowly and methodically chewing on scenery? Is McDormand going to play Shia’s grandma? Will Fox finally go topless in a scene? Will America finally love Shia? These are the hard-hitting questions that will need to be answered while Transformers 3 is here shooting. Kind of wish I didn’t have a job, because I would love to stalk the hell out of that filming.

Also, I want to see Grimlock in the next movie. It’s about time that the Dinobots show up. If for no other reason, then to teach these geekbags (geeks that don’t even do geek well) the freakin’ history behind Transformers. We ran into them at the midnight showing of TF2. I went because I love seeing the damn toys I played with when I was 19 8 up there on the big screen with real voices. I still have no idea why these geekbags went…