Right-Wingers Scared of Liberty and Justice for All

So I’m sitting at the Bean & Bagel rolling my own cigarettes, when I pull up Fred The Tuckpointer’s post on my iPhone. Outrageous. And to think, these are the same teabaggers that enjoy things like roads and air. Oh excuse me, I guess roads are paid for by taxpayers, but if it were up to the rightwing crackpots, we’d have better “air” if we privatized it, bottled it and left it up to the free market to price and distribute. Don’t let the teapots fool you, if they could privatize left turns and your ball sac they would. I think Rush was an executive producer on that awful excrement of an exuse for cinema, Repo Men.

I wish I could see the world as black and white as my friend Fred, but unfortunately, I’m burdened with nuance and facts. Forget for a moment that forcing everyone to buy insurance is good for the insurance companies, and that insurance companies got us into this mess, Premiums have doubled in the past five years and we have to do something about it. I guess the teasprouts just want to let Corporate America run roughshod over everyone’s inalienable right to not take responsibility for themselves, and not pay into a system.

So Fred the Tuckpointer thinks it’s so great that Rush (unfortunately) got healthcare at a hospital for his chest pains, and paid no more than the price of an SUV – $24,000. Look, that’s not much money for Mr. Hotshot #1 radio personality in the country, but for the rest of us average Americans making only $150,000 a year at our tenured university gigs, that’s a lot of money. Maybe the folks clinging to their guns and religion in the construction industry have that kind of money, but the rest of us thick-rimmed glasses-wearing Americans toiling away at boutique design shops, internet marketing agencies or living off trust funds while we write our books, can’t exactly drop $24k every time we get a chest pain.

Get real Rush. Toughen up. And while you’re at it, eat a broccoli stem or two. Might be gasp good for you.

Until a point later in time, I bid you all a fair adieu.

Brad the [College] Professor is an erudite sophisticate who worked his way up from a working class home in Providence, RI, where his father was an English Professor, and his mother was a Physics Researcher. His many years at the Sorbonne taught him to appreciate the difficult moments of life, and that everything tastes better with a glass of red (nothing bottled before 11902!). Besides being politically active reading MoveOn.org and PETA.org, Brad contributes to Schadenfreude.net.