Obama’s Healthcare Apocalypse Upon Us…

Hi folks, Fred the Tuckpointer here with tidings of bad things afoot.  B. Hussein Obama and that witch Nancy Pelosi are putting the finishing touches on “health care reform”, which is secretly the shredding of the US Constitution.  Really.  This is super, super bad – the worst thing to happen to our country since Bill Clinton’s election.  Conservative patriots are amassing to beat this thing back, but Congress is going to cheat and prevent an up or down vote. If the guy I voted for didn’t win, and then the guy who did win votes for this – that’s not democracy,  its tyranny.  You know Obama’s loving this…once the “bill” passes next week, he’s going to declare himself King.  All Hail King Obama I!

This makes me so mad.  But even in my worst hour of desperation, one man is going to fight for me…Rush Limbaugh:

I printed this up and hung it in the Tuckpointer Union office – it’s the best piece of marketing since the “Bush/Cheney ’00” lawn campaign signs. He’s going for it – making it seem like Pelosi and Obama are in love (because they are!) and pointing at things and yelling loudly.
He’s a true American.
A hero.
A patriot.

But one we almost lost too soon, thanks to Obama.

Rush was saved recently by the very thing Obama wants to destroy – the best health care in the world.  When he was in Hawaii back at Christmas time, Obama slipped Rush a mickey and caused him to have chest pains.  Rush was rushed to a hospital and had two days of tests.  Only by his iron stamina was he able to beat it back.  My wife Sadie asked me how much Rush paid for the hospital stay.  I Googled on Rush’s site and he said it cost the same as the standard SUV all American Families want. So Sadie pulled up her laptop and told me what the most popular SUV in the country is.   So…turns out the 2010 GMC Terrain costs about $24,000.   Well, I’ve got an answer for that.  The reason why it costs the most is because you pay for what you get.  So if it’s the Best Healthcare in the World, it should cost the most, right?  Conservatism is right again.  Sure, you could have two days in hospital for, say, $10,000…but you’re gonna get Congo Republic quality health care.   What do you think of that?  I’ll take the US Brand, thank you.

So I repeat what Rush told me on the radio again…this is gonna wipe out the US.  We need to buy a ton of guns and be ready.  Sadie won’t let me have a pistol, but I think I can borrow my dad’s .22.

Get ready to kiss your precious FREEDOMS goodbye.

Till then, Fred the Tuckpointer signing off.

Fred the Tuckpointer is a working class hero from Ohio who loves America, his dog, and his wife. In that order. If you want to catch up, and discuss his views in person, he can be found at the bar “He’s Not Here” most nights watching the “Glenn Beck/Rush Limbaugh Power Block” on FOXNews. He contributes regularly to the NRA and Schadenfreude.net