If 2Million People Have Seen It… You Probably Have Too.

This post is mostly for my mother, who doesn’t have a Facebook account, and I don’t think they’ve played this on FOXNews yet…

So – before you click “Play” mom, ChatRoulette.com is this service online that randomly connects people that have webcams installed on their computers. Yup. You know, like when we “Skype” with Sheila while she’s in Delaware, and we’re at home, and we’re able to talk to her through the computer? Yeah, like that. No, you don’t know who you are going to talk to – it’s all about the “spontaneity” in life… Meeting people from around the WORLD who you could talk to and see what they’re doing. No, I wouldn’t necessarily call it successful. No, I have never done it. No, I probably won’t ever do it. Who’s mostly on it? If I had to wager I guess, it’s about 85% guys (98% of that number are guys who are… um… ok, fine, I’m a grown up. Masturbating, ok?) Then about 10% Overweight women, and the remainder… teens. Mostly teen girls.

Yes, it’s just a matter of time before some Senator does it, and gets busted for doing something illicit. No, President Obama did not start the service…. Alright. Enough – just watch the video, ok?