The New Predator from SxSW

And by that, I don’t mean the FourSquare stalker app…

I’ll admit it – when I first heard that Topher Grace was going to be on the team AGAINST the Predators, and that Adrien Brody was our new “Arnold” – I couldn’t help but cry a little. Ok, a lot.

BUT – there is something about this trailer (the admission that Arnold is king for one) And the fact that we get a Predator Puppy. And, best of all, the fact that we hear the “Over here….” and “Anytime…” from the original. If it were possible to be a “sound” for a Halloween costume, it would either be “Anytime….” from Predators, or the sound of the Smoke Monster from LOST.

Take a look, it’s a little talky-talky, but you get to some awesome Predator action. Admittedly, I’m not anywhere nearly as excited for this as I am Tron: Legacy (or even Clash of the Titans for that matter) But I welcome a reboot that honors the past, and creates a new world.