Sarah Palin Killed My Grandma

Or she would have, had my grandma been alive during the time that Sarah Palin was crossing the border into Canada to utilize the awful, socialist Canadian healthcare system that would just as soon kill my grandma Рif she had been Canadian. Which is to say, if my grandma had been Canadian,  and seeking socialist healthcare in facist Canada (though as the Olympics prove, they are the nicest fascists), she would have been supporting grandma death panels. Which means two things:

  1. If my grandma had not died of cancer, she would have killed herself by virtue of supporting a socialist healthcare system that supports killing grandmas.
  2. She would have been a terrorist.

But she wasn’t Canadian, so she died of Cancer, not at the hands of grandma-hating Canadians.

But, with Palin’s admission that she used to visit Canada for healthcare, she admits that she supports a system that could have provided better care to my grandma, had it not been for their grandma-killing ways (Though again, they kill grandmas nicely), and possibly saved my grandma, that is, had my grandma been Canadian and able to take advantage of their excellent-if-fascist healthcare, though it would have been like saving a terrorist. Which if my grandma had been Canadian, she would have been, (again – nice terrorists), only with great healthcare.

Bottom line: folksy-wolksy Sarah Palin supports terrorists, wants to kill grandmas, but has common sense when it comes to healthcare.