Our exclusive interview with Corey.

The blogosphere and news world is going to be blowing up with news about Corey Haim’s death. Fortunately, back in 2005 – Adam Witt had the exclusive opportunity to sit down for a real heart-to-heart with Corey. It was at times funny, at times touching, but most of all, real.

As to what happened to him this morning – here’s what we know so far:

  • License to Drive wasn’t that good a movie.
  • Lost Boys was a fantastic movie.
  • He liked Japanese Funk music.
  • He admired John Ritter.
  • He starred with Corey Feldman in just about every movie he was ever in.
  • It was a drug overdose.

He is a talent that will be sorely missed in Hollywood. Especially with the ending of “Lost Boys 2” – it was a real cliffhanger that needs THIS Corey to come back. Now, we’ll never know how the trilogy ends. This is akin to replacing Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series…

Corey, we will wear dark armbands all day, mourning your passing, and the passing of when vampires were cool and non-sparkly.